Our Story

Welcome to the new home of Washington Extreme All Star Cheer! We have been training cheerleaders in Spokane, Wa since 2008!

Washington Extreme provides exceptional training and classes to help cheer athletes of all skill levels develop and reach their full potential in all star cheer. Our program offers a range of cheerleading classes, including tumbling classes focused on developing strength, flexibility, and technique for executing advanced tumbling skills, such as cartwheels, roundoffs, and back handsprings. Our stunting classes concentrate on partner stunts and pyramids, where our coaches work with athletes to develop the necessary techniques, strength, and timing for safe and successful stunts.

For athletes seeking individualized attention and coaching, we offer tailored private lessons focused on any area of cheerleading. Our experienced coaches provide one-on-one instruction, personalized feedback, and guidance to help athletes achieve their goals and enhance their skills.

We also offer top girl classes for female athletes looking to specialize in this position. Our top girl classes focus on developing the skills and techniques necessary to perform as a flyer in stunts and pyramids. Our coaches work with athletes to build the strength, flexibility, and technique required to excel in this position, helping them become an invaluable member of their team.

At Washington Extreme, we are committed to helping our athletes build the skills, confidence, and discipline needed to excel in all star cheerleading and in life. We are proud to offer diverse classes and training sessions that support our athletes’ growth and success, ensuring they receive top-notch training to achieve their goals.

Tryouts for the new season will take place May 21 – 26 2023! Click here to Register.

The colors and logo are changing, but the goals of both programs remain the same.  Our staff is made up of individuals who are PASSIONATE about cheerleading and dance.  WE are lifelong teachers who enjoy working with kids of all ages and ability levels.  No matter if your goal is to make your high school cheerleading team, learn a back handspring, double full, or gain a college scholarship, we are here to help you reach them!

The mission of Washington Extreme All Star Cheer is to build successful athletes with confidence, strong character, and foster a passion for the sport of cheerleading and dance.  We teach the value of team work, sportsmanship, accountability, and developing skills while building confidence in a fun and safe environment.