Tryouts for the new season will take place May 21 – 26 2023! Click here to Register.


Thank you for your interest in Washington Extreme!  W.E. is looking forward to the best season of All Star to ever hit Spokane!  W.E. is thrilled you have chosen us as your All Star Cheerleading “HOME” for the coming season.

As you read through this tryout packet, there are MANY things you need to know before you are placed on an All Star Team; but these are the most important ones!

  • Everyone makes a team!

Our no-cut policy makes sure everyone is placed on the team that is the best fit for them & the team!

  • No Experience Necessary!

We train beginning cheerleaders all the time!

  • Have a great attitude!

We don’t expect your skills to be perfect, but a good attitude is a MUST!

  • Work hard, and have fun!

Being a part of an all star team is a BLAST!

During the pre-tryout evaluation, athletes will check off their skills to determine the LEVEL GROUP clinics they will attend.  During clinics, athletes will show and perfect the skills they have mastered, while working drills leading up to new skills.  We make the tryout/ placement process as low-stress as possible!  During clinics and evaluations, athletes work with other athletes in their ability.  They will be given multiple chances to demonstrate skills that they have already mastered.  We want athletes to be relaxed, so the process feels much like a regular practice.

Each athlete is viewed equally.  The new season puts everyone on an even playing ground. W.E. reserves the right to evaluate all athletes on their previous years of participation. Attendance, attitude, conduct and skills are just some of the areas that will be considered. All athletes must attend tryouts to be placed on a team.

Our coaches are confident in the placement of our athletes. The best interest of our athletes comes first! With all teams, we are looking for potential as much as experience.  Much of tryouts is based on potential, so it is beneficial for an athlete to attempt the best skills they can perform SAFELY. Athletes should know their own limitations and not attempt skills beyond their current level of experience. Safety is the number one concern during tryouts. There will be no spotting during evaluations.

NOVICE, SELECT & ELITE TEAMS – We offer three different programs of competitive cheer.  They come with various levels of commitment, travel, and costs. Please see page 5 for details about these specific programs.

WE will fill teams with the athletes that will give each team the best possible chance for success in their division.  This means that we are not necessarily looking for the best tumblers or jumpers for any particular team.  We need an appropriate mix of skills, ages, and even body types (top girls/ bases) on each team.  This creates teams that are more likely to have a successful competition season! Whatever the situation, we expect cheerleaders and their parents to respect our decisions on team placements.

TRYOUT DRESS CODE – Dress for Success!  Come performance ready.  Hair up in a high pony, or half up half down with bow of your choice, tennis shoes, white socks. Spandex are a must.  No jewelry.

TEAM PLACEMENTS Following tryouts, each member will be placed on a “Home” team– this is the team they must agree to join, regardless of whether they are offered a spot on another.